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After you have booked your place and paid your £25 deposit, you will be asked to complete a basic information form which gives us your details in case we need to contact you for any reason before your start date. We then organise an initial induction day, which involves you coming into nursery with your child, sitting with them in their room, completing the rest of the paperwork with your key person and reading the policies, whilst your child plays in the room, secure in the knowledge that you are still there.

We offer up to two weeks free settling-in period. Not every child needs all of this time, some children are quite happy to come to us after just a couple of sessions, but others may still be upset when you leave even after the two weeks. Each child is different and they all will be treated as individuals, we try to allow for that as much as possible, however we ask parents to attend a minimum of two settling in sessions to ensure a smooth transition.

During the settling-in period, we will work with you and your child to make the start to nursery a positive one. We have a parents room where you can relax, have a coffee, tea etc. whilst your child is playing.

Key Persons

Each child has a key person, a member of staff who will make observations on their progress and plan activities to improve their skills and be there for your child.

At the beginning of each month you will be given an invoice for your childcare fees. All fees are expected to be paid in advance but you may pay weekly or monthly. We accept payment by childcare vouchers, cash, cheque or bacs payment. The nursery charges will be explained to you on induction or as and when you need this information.

There is a £25 non refundable deposit to book your nursery place.
Lunches are charged at a daily rate as an extra.
We offer a maximum of 4 weeks holiday per year at a 20% discount rate

*Please note we do charge normal fees for bank holidays even though the nursery is not open

Extra Curricular Activities
Various activities such as dance and language are available. We are open to your suggestions, as we feel these are valuable learning opportunities that will support and encourage the childrens development alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Childrens Activities
We work towards the Early Years Foundation Stage Principles (EYFS) which is essentially, a curriculum for under fives, implemented by the government and Ofsted. The document identifies three prime areas of learning and four specific areas of learning which we aim to cover each day.

The prime areas are:
We operate a child-led facility, where we listen to the children and allow them to decide what activities or toys they wish to play with. All our planning is available to be viewed on the walls of the rooms for parents to see and add to if they wish. Adult initiated activities will also take place daily providing choices for the children.

Upon arrival, each child is given a ‘Learning Journey’. This is a folder which contains details about the child’s activities. These are available for parents to look at any time they wish but more formal viewings can be arranged.

We make our mealtimes a social event for the children, with everybody sitting together in the dining area with staff at each table serving the food with the children. This encourages a relaxed atmosphere with lots of conversation and development of social skills. All food is home cooked on the premises providing choice and for dietary needs.

We have three formal mealtimes in the nursery routine (babies are subject to eating habits and their own routine).

Breakfast is served between 07:30 and 08:30 in the Dining Area.
Available choices are:
Toast, crumpets, bagels with butter or jam, a selection of classic cereals, fruit and yoghurts. To drink we offer milk, water or diluted orange juice.

Lunch is served at 12:30 for all the rooms in our dining area. It is prepared on site, using only fresh ingredients, not tins or packets, so we can monitor what goes into them to ensure the children have a
balanced and varied diet. A copy of the menu is attached. We offer water as a drink at lunch time.

We charge £1.50 per day for lunches and should you have any specific dietary requirements for your child, we will try to adapt our menu to suit your child. If you would rather not have the lunches provided, then you are welcome to bring in a packed lunch, but we will advise you on foods that are not appropriate for nursery.

Tea is served at 4pm and again is eaten in the Dining area. This is seasonal; a warm tea is served in winter and a buffet style, cold selection is served in summer.

We also offer snack at 10:00 which consists of milk or water and a piece of fruit.
The children are offered water throughout the day.

Other Facilities
The Garden
We have an extensive garden here which we make full use of in all weathers. To encourage free flow to the outdoors, we have an undercover play area for each room. Every room opens directly onto the garden with the undercover area first. The garden is something we are passionate about and hope to enthuse our children with. We have a large grassy expanse which we use for garden games and apparatus. We have a vegetable patch for the children, encouraging them to be aware of the World around them.

All children have access to electronic toys which will develop their interest in computers and ICT. The Squirrel Room, Badger Room and the Wise Owls Room have access to Computers throughout the day. All software is age appropriate encouraging the children to experience a range of ICT equipment that will aid them in the future.

The children regularly go on walks and outings to explore the local environment. Our ratios when out of the nursery meet statutory guidelines.

Parent/Nursery Communication

Once a month you will receive a newsletter with information about what we did in the month previously and how it worked out. Also any news or updates will be included.

Daily Diary
In the baby room and for parents who still request them in the Badger room and Squirrel room we offer a daily diary. This informs you of what your child has been up to during the day including nappies, sleep times and what they have eaten, as well as the activities they have explored that day.

Parents Evenings/Weeks
Twice a year we offer all parents an opportunity to sit away from the rooms and chat about your child’s progression and aims for the future. During this time you can air any issues or concerns and discuss plans to overcome them with your child’s key person. This is an appointment based system so that the staff can be prepared and offer you an overview of your childs accomplishments.

Pick up/Drop off Chats

We aim to have a very open and honest relationship with our parents and so offer an open door policy, which allows parents to chat to staff or the management team at any time, should they wish to. We know that parents hold the key to information about the children and wish for them to share as much of that with us as possible to help us better
understand your child and make them feel happy and safe with us.